Advantech's most smallest industrial PC-UNO-2271G

The pocket-size UNO-2271G is the same width and length as a 2.5” SSD but still includes the ability to expand its performance to meet your needs through six mounting solutions (Stand, Pole-mount, VESA, DIN-RAIL, Wall-mount, and vertical mount) and over 30 iDoor modules. This combination gives users over 100 possible combinations to meet all possible needs.



High level industrial applications require complex control capabilities, high speed measurements, multiple program support, open communications and enterprise level network integration. PAC’s define the new generation of industrial controllers which feature the openness, high CPU performance, rich memory and powerful functionality of PC’s, with the reliability and robustness of PLC’s. Programmable Automation Controllers incorporate multi-domain functionality, common development platforms, open standard interfaces and distributed modular architectures.


Intelligent Transportation System on Road Traffic

Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) aim to provide communications and technologies that allow safe, convenient, comfortable, efficient, and environmentally friendly travel for all commuters. Many cities worldwide are in the midst of improving their transportation system infrastructures, and Advantech is there to provide a helping hand, offering advanced product solutions for the freeway and public road market segment.


Renewable Energy

Renewable energy refers to energy that is generated from resources which are all naturally replenished. To put this in perspective, about 18% of global energy consumption came from renewables in 2010. Today’s renewable energy solutions are focused in 4 areas: harnessing the power of the sun, the wind, moving water and plant materials. Advantech had successful cases in wind power, solar power transmission & distribution systems that installed in harsh environments with dust, vibration, heat and electrical noise.


StarTech - Advancing the Future Wetex 2014 - Startech Post Report

The 16th Water, Energy, Technology, and Environment Exhibition (WETEX) 2014, which was held last from 14-16 April at the Dubai International Convention and Exhibition Centre, focus on a wide array of advanced renewable energy solutions, it highlight the latest renewable energy solutions deployed in the region and the world due to the major role of such energy solutions in establishing a green economy.